Wear House wants and accepts seasonal clothing and accessories that are trendy, in style and in great shape. We look for designer, high-end, boutique labels along with mall and department store brands. Current styles (no more than a few years old) are what sells best, so that’s what we want most.

Items considered for consignment must be freshly cleaned and folded. The better your clothes look, the more likely we are to accept them. Wear House does NOT want or accept anything wrinkled, stained, ripped, unlaundered or covered in pet hair. Wear House is not keen on hangers, garment bags, or trashed bags stuffed with wadded up clothing.

Appointments are available (though not necessary) to bring items in to be considered for consignment. Appointments generally about a half an hour and unaccepted items will be given back to consignor at that time.

Items may also be “dropped off” during business hours without an appointment, as long as the consignor is willing to return to pick up unaccepted items, or have them donated to local charities.

Items “dropped off” will be viewed and acceptance determined within 72 hours. Any unaccpeted items can be donated or retrieved by consignor within 72 hours of Wear House contacting you. Items not retrieved within alloted time, will be donated to charity.

Whatever your preferred method, we want it to be convenient for you.

Please limit number of items to 30, for appointment or drop off.


Upon acceptance at Wear House, all consigned items will be kept on the racks for 90 days. After the 90 day consignment period, any unsold items can be retrieved by consignor on or before the “pick up” date. Any unsold items not sold or retrieved by consignor will be donated to charity.

Wear House determines the retail price of accepted consigned items and consignors receive 50% of the final selling price.

Item prices are reduced on a monthly basis. Items for sale for 30 days or more are reduced 25% and items in the store for 60 or more days are reduced 50%. Wear House reserves the right to discount items on or before the date discounts.